What does Peace Studies Mean to you?

We’ve begun several discussions and reflections “what Peace Studies is” for a change of pace Roberta stopped three peace studies PhD students at the University for their impromptu response to Peace Studies is….

Paul Rogers has also reflected on What Peace Studies is about (especially at Bradford) on You Tube.

What do you think Peace Studies is?

Please respond in any format: videos, photos, quotes, text, audio…

Watch out for Roberta and Benita and their video camera around the University of Bradford campus to answer the question What is Peace Studies? as we prepare for our forum event on 1st October.


About psforum

Student Led Forum at the University of Bradford to explore issues around the meaning and impact of Peace Studies as an academic discipline, on research and policy, local and international communities and activism.
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One Response to What does Peace Studies Mean to you?

  1. Annie says:

    On a personal level, Peace Studies is a range of interdisclipinary tools, theoretical & practical, that have enabled me to create an organisation whose purpose is to enable people of different faiths and world views to work together for a common purpose. Sustainable environments – building relationships, gaining skills and creating more resillient, tolerant neighbourhoods as a result of this social action.

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